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Best Companies to Work in Myanmar

Recognizing employers based on the satisfaction and overall engagement of their own employees. 


About Us


The need to nurture a qualified and engaged workforce to support the growth of your organization has become increasingly important. As employers look to find new ways to attract and retain top talent, and job seekers continuously seek for the best workplaces, the BCIM campaign aims to serve both needs. Besides recognizing employers based on the satisfaction and overall engagement of their own employees, the BCIM campaign also provides a platform for companies to benchmark themselves against the rest of the market.

Detailed Survey Analytics Report

Benchmark Your Results to the Rest of the Industry

Employer Branding Benefits

Gain highly valuable data into levels of engagement and satisfaction of your workforce

Help you notice patterns, find areas of improvement through the analysis of the data

Be recognized as an employer of choice to enhance your overall employer brand, retain talent, and attract top candidates.

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Survey Methodology

The survey is divided in 7 functional areas, from measuring employees’ general alignment with company strategy to assessing the overall satisfaction with management and leadership in the business. Other parts include measuring satisfaction levels pertaining to teamwork, career growth opportunities and the overall work environment. Companies must reach a required number of responses threshold, varying on company size and on average ranging around 80% of the white collar portion of an organization's full time headcount. Those who achieve a minimum overall score as measured by the Employee Engagement coefficient, will have the option to officially be recognized and listed as Best Companies to Work in Myanmar for a given year.


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